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21 בנוב׳ 2016
streetstyle2016, tupacshirt, hiphop, ghettostreet, fashionicon, thepisceswoman, talinachshon, taliluo, telavivfashion, טלינחשון, טלילו, בלוגאופנה
Tupac Sweatshirt- from hip Hop style shop// Metalic Leather shorts from RI// Adidas sneakers 

If you ask me what is my Favourite style, It would be definitely The hip hop/ ghetto street style Which I was inspired from NYC streets during the 90's when I relocate with my parents .There and then I use to go clubbing in Broklyn, to all the hip hop and rappers parties and hang out with them eventhough I was only 13 years old, still very mature and one of the kind :).

Back then I use to invest in my appearance which included all the oversize clothing, football ,basketball , cool caps ,shirts and jacket which I remebers that I had the most cool bumber jacket and cap of the " chicago bears" jacket :) I'm not sure if it was my favourite team or beacuse I like the design and the colors, The navy and orange which is my Favourite mix of colors.

All you need is:
look around you, Inspire , watch and learn
get from Vintage shop or hip hop one (In here you can get from the new station of the Tel-Aviv , floor 4 )
Buy bigger size or check out your partner or father wardrobe
overize/big gold earrings
Bandana head and any accessory that you can inspire from The hip hop legends like Tupac etc

Hope you like it
5 בנוב׳ 2016
RI Crochet Maxi kimono//RI cropped top// Levi's shorts//Zara Tshirt//Ted bakers old ankle boots/Emillio Pucci bag