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14 ביולי 2015
gingham, ss15, denimskirt, ootd, lookoftheday, whatiwore, fashionblog, blog, אופנה, בלוגאופנה, סטייל
TRF ginham top/Zara a line button skirt/michael wolf sandals

 There is something about the gingham and denim combination That makes me smile and design something similar in one piece (see here)    . Although my smile is missing , there is reason why I'm upset, and I believe that I owe you some details about my life and the reason that I disappear for a while. However I'm not sure this is the right platform to share it with you although I need and I want to share with you my experience ,not just around the photo shot. Therefor and with your translation tools help , I will forward you to an article (here )that was publish about me two months ago and in this way you can also spare me with those sad details again :) , and hopefully understand me.  

Cheers :)

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LIVforstyle אמר/ה...

Great summer look.



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