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24 בנוב׳ 2014

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1.Zara coat/ 2. stella Mccartney active tank/3. Thread By Nesh Slash Sleeve Cropped Top/ 4.clu sweatpants/ 5.nike sneakers/ 6.lesportsac bag /7.nike

Guess what?! I start to shake my booty by taking more dancing classes which include hip-hop ,stripe dance and more. Obviously ,I still working out with Yoga and Pilate's but I decide that I need more stimulus in my life that will help me be more focused and forget for a while about my daily routine. Till now, I'm not one hundred present there , but I did get the style Idea . for Hip-hop you need sneakers ,and for ballet and other dancing classes you don't need shoes so you can style you dancing wear with hot booties and nice shoes. This is what I like to wear for my dancing ,yoga and Pilate's classes. How would you style it or what do you prefer?


11 תגובות:

Oly Shamrik אמר/ה...

I've recently returned to Yoga practice, that just makes so much difference about how my body feels! I've geared up with some comfy yoga outfits too, mostly from UO and H&M. Love this sweatpants a lot, totally my minimal cup of tea;)


I am not practicing any sport right now but I'd love to try yoga or hip hop you know?

Kajsa Josephine אמר/ה...

I could easily live in the clu sweatpants all week, sweatpants are so comfy to wear on a sports activity and at home.

the chilicool אמר/ה...

I adore this stype for dance!

Tiffy Diamond אמר/ה...

This entire outfit makes me want to work out more. :D


Tali N אמר/ה...

You should dear it's a great experience!!!

Tali N אמר/ה...

Glad you like it dear and happy for you that you returned to yoga since it's a great practice! kiss

Tali N אמר/ה...

They are great! thanks dear glad you like it

Tali N אמר/ה...

Glad you like it Alessia

Tali N אמר/ה...

I'm happy that I inspire you and gave you the crave to do activities:)

Janice Hassel אמר/ה...

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