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1 באוק׳ 2014
Warehouse dress/ Zara Tshirt dress/Adidas sneakers

There two things that I need to remark about this look: One is this multi tasking T-shirt and second that I try this combination before.

Usually prior posting I'm doing experimental fashion looks, trying to pair and play with clothes (new and old) that I have in my wardrobe. This cut-out dress is one of what I had left from clothes sells that I arrange in our small apartment four years ago. This old T-shirt I actually wore it on my first appearing post, pairing it with short red print plisse skirt and black corset underneath (you can see here). It's was one of my favourite outfits but it's felt that it's time to move on and refresh the look. 

so I figure out and found solution and best match for this two challenging items. Since one have a very deep V-neck that showing off your bra which is absloutly not an option for me,  and the same things goes to the dress which I found it a little bit provocative for my Figure. Therefore ,those two complete each other and create, for my opnion, a cute fashionable chic look. what do you think? 


4 תגובות:

Unknown אמר/ה...

Have seen your gorgeous necklace on several outfit posts, I just wanted to compliment it :)

Toks אמר/ה...

Great combo. I love trying out new combinations with old clothes. xoxoxo

אנונימי אמר/ה...

you look amazing. I love the creative outfit combination. Cool!

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