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28 בספט׳ 2014
knit, ss14, fendifurry, sneakers, givency, fashionblog, desire, list אופנה, בלוגאופנה
1. Burberry blanketcoat/ 2.Laura Mercier honey bath/ 3.Givenchy/4.Fendi-furry key chain /5.NB /6.Celine&Marc Jacobs

Do you remember that I mention , on one of my previous posts , regarding this great book  " La liste de mes envies " (I In French it's sounds better) by Gregoire delacourt that I read in my last vacation?

The outcome of this book inspiration and For the new year is this post. 

In General , for New year dawns, I wish that we should be the head and not the tail (as part of Jewish custom to eat the head of the fish) . which means that as individuals, we must espouse ideals that transcend our own selfishness, a higher purpose that comes from a place beyond our own ego, so we can control our lower urges and live a life of meaning and soulful achievement.

And The little things (well, not cheap) for me my self and I :

To start  a new project or job that I want

To have a Laser eye surgery and finally get rid off eye contact lenses without being depending on it

Speaking of depending- to be able to be more independent   (have my own car for instance)

To be able to help others (It makes me feel good)

To influence others (hope in a good way)

To laugh more and make other people laugh

To meet funny people (prefer harmless)

To visit in a new place never been before (out there in the world or just here)

To learn something new and start a new habit .it could be sport, new African dance, art... anything

Can I have A new burberry coat, Givenchy bag and new sneakers? (It's about time)

I need immediately New laptop and also new IPhone would be fine (still stuck with 4)

To fall in Love . It could be something(/one) new or over and over again.

To be happy! (who doesn't?!)

Happy new Year and Shana Tova!


12 תגובות:

Unknown אמר/ה...

love the cape!


Unknown אמר/ה...

Shana Tova, I hope you get to cross these inspirational goals off your list. Love the givenchy bag, it´s really chic.

Jeanne אמר/ה...

Hi Tali! You can buy lovely heat to toe outfits at Zara, very Céline like! ;) I love your selection!

Toks אמר/ה...

Perfect list, I want the Burberry coat too, but I think I won't get it hahaha. Thank you for your lovely comments, but the photographer is not my boyfriend, he is a photographer friend that I work with sometimes for photo shoots for editorials or campaigns. I gave up modelling some time ago but occasionally he will phone me for a job or a session and I usually say yes because he is a good friend.

TALI אמר/ה...

Thank you Irene glad you like it :)

TALI אמר/ה...

seriously? lets go 2gether
have a great dear and hope that we will have a clear year

TALI אמר/ה...

Thanks for sharing I know zara have it but it didn't arrive yet and actually it's still warm here:)

TALI אמר/ה...

Thank you my dear friend! glad you like it and I agree with you it's really chic

TALI אמר/ה...

This when I reply :"Oppsss" hope your boygirend doesnt reads comments but I'm sure he's in love with you and your friend still think you're pretty,trust me;)

TALI אמר/ה...

Thank you Jessica, glad you like it

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