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28 בספט׳ 2014
knit, ss14, fendifurry, sneakers, givency, fashionblog, desire, list אופנה, בלוגאופנה
1. Burberry blanketcoat/ 2.Laura Mercier honey bath/ 3.Givenchy/4.Fendi-furry key chain /5.NB /6.Celine&Marc Jacobs

Do you remember that I mention , on one of my previous posts , regarding this great book  " La liste de mes envies " (I In French it's sounds better) by Gregoire delacourt that I read in my last vacation?

The outcome of this book inspiration and For the new year is this post. 

In General , for New year dawns, I wish that we should be the head and not the tail (as part of Jewish custom to eat the head of the fish) . which means that as individuals, we must espouse ideals that transcend our own selfishness, a higher purpose that comes from a place beyond our own ego, so we can control our lower urges and live a life of meaning and soulful achievement.

And The little things (well, not cheap) for me my self and I :

To start  a new project or job that I want

To have a Laser eye surgery and finally get rid off eye contact lenses without being depending on it

Speaking of depending- to be able to be more independent   (have my own car for instance)

To be able to help others (It makes me feel good)

To influence others (hope in a good way)

To laugh more and make other people laugh

To meet funny people (prefer harmless)

To visit in a new place never been before (out there in the world or just here)

To learn something new and start a new habit .it could be sport, new African dance, art... anything

Can I have A new burberry coat, Givenchy bag and new sneakers? (It's about time)

I need immediately New laptop and also new IPhone would be fine (still stuck with 4)

To fall in Love . It could be something(/one) new or over and over again.

To be happy! (who doesn't?!)

Happy new Year and Shana Tova!


21 בספט׳ 2014

chic, striped, lookoftheday, menswear, ootd, outfit, streetstyle, fashionblog, אופנה, בלוגאופנה
Frontrowshop striped shirt/ Zara denim shorts/Hermes necklace

17 בספט׳ 2014
Stradivarius, racer ,tank, Zara shorts,Ted Bakers,fashion,look
Stradivarius racer tank/ Zara shorts/Ted Bakers Sandals

14 בספט׳ 2014
501, levi's, shortdenims, style, lookoftheday, stripes, fashionblog, bradpiit, אופנה, בלוגאופנה
TopShop top/ Levi's shorts/RI sandals

11 בספט׳ 2014
NYFW, streetstyle.manrepeller, nyc, lookoftheday, runway, fashionshow, fashionblog, fashion, rosie assulin, אופנה בלוגאופנה

9 בספט׳ 2014
dress, spa, vacation,trip,packing,beach, fashionblog,fashion, בלוגאופנה,אופנה
Staring at stars dress/and other stories clutch/ RI sandals

7 בספט׳ 2014
swimwear, adidas, gottex, vacation, beachwear, ss14, blog, fashionblog, summer, bikini, בלוגאופנה, אופנה, ביקיני
Billabong top and Adidas button