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27 באוג׳ 2014
zarapeople, lookoftheday ,skirt, trip, fashionblog, בלוגאופנה, אופנה
Total Zara look from different years

21 באוג׳ 2014
GAP dungaree/ Benetton tank/River-Island sandals/Asos bag

17 באוג׳ 2014
T-shirt, thong, birko, details, wore, ss15, fashionblog, fashion, בלוגאופנה, אופנה
Golf&Co Tshirt/ Zara denim shorts/ Birko thong /Marc by Marc Jacobs bag

14 באוג׳ 2014

gipsystyle, girl, kids, hatachanatelaviv, ss15, streetstyle, fashionblog, fashion, בלוגאופנה, סטייל, אופנה, סטייליסטית
Asos Kimono/ Ted baker sandals/MNG Jeans and blouse


11 באוג׳ 2014

saintlaurentbag,love, jenniferzeuner, ring, loveprint, tube'hav, holiday, fashionblog, fashion, טו'באב, אהבה, בלוגאופנה, אופנה
1.Vintage Chanel clip earrings 2. Marc by Marc Jacobs hearts sunglasses
3. River-Island white heart print oversize shirt  4. Stella MCcartney Silk Shorts 
5. Saint Laurent leather Pouch  6. Stella MCcartney Scarf
7. Stella MCcartney swimsuit
8. Romwe love print black&white dress  9. Kiwi-kids love print dress  
10Jacquie Aiche Ring 11. New look panties


10 באוג׳ 2014

My special list- wish I could have them all!

With a little delay, This one of the things that has kept me busy this last few days , searching for the perfect swimsuit. Obvious, the result is that there are Too many on my mind that I wish I could keep them all. I found my favourite ones; from the Retro to the Avangard style. Although ,and believe or not, I didn't have the chance to go to the beach yet, it's still not too late specially when a Great location in Greece waiting for me . 

Till now, two wishes came true. One and not last, Nadav was not called to Army service  (and wish it will stay like that ) and Today it's was raining, which I love it since you know how much I dislike the summer here:). Now there one thing left, that nothing will go wrong with our Vacation. 
Stay Optimistic!

3 באוג׳ 2014
bermuda, top, fashion,stylish,rayban,בלוגאופנה,אופנה
Ketty top/Zara Bermuda/river-island sandals/Ray-ban sunnies/Accessories clutch