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17 ביולי 2014
airattacks, rockets, telaviv, war, tension, relax, vacation, fashionblog, fashion,
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As I am trying to keep calm hearing the sirens that calling our citizen to run for their life trying to protect them self by finding a cover, I came into one conclusion- I need a vacation and fast! as part as my escapism I was trying to find places ,Islands and hotels in the world that will serve all our needs and at the same time also child friendly. Let's hope that the war will not continue and the operation will not expanded to otherwise we will have to call it off since Nadav will call up. Meanwhile and till we will reach Island destiny, as you see I don't feel like creating, posting or dressing too much. 

At least I figure out ways to relax since I figure it out that I need it from some reasons:. One and not last,  I am Coward ! I guess am too afraid to leave my house even though the enemy call for air strike, perhaps because I don't trust them (and there is a good reason but I will not involve my political opinion .Two, I found that I'm a very hysterical Mom (perhaps I didn't knew that before) which means that I do not let Gili play and hang out allot outside. Three, every time I hear the sirens my heart is beating too fast that I'm afraid that it will lead me to heart-attack since I do have family history of cardiomyopathy. 
So here is my tips that help me to keep my sanity:

1. Beach- so speaking of vacation, beach is a great recipe to relax . the sounds of weaves, the breath of fresh air the coming from the sea and also the sun have a great role to avoid depression. in short, visiting the beach helps to calm

2. Book- I always love to take with me a good book . A great book always help me to escape to other interesting character world and this book is definitely recommended by maria semple.
3.Yoga- practice at least one time a day your breathing and Yoga. In general, sports also help to relive some tension
4. nutrition- eating the right food. Banana, sweet potato and healthy food help me to feel better. However try to avoid too much caffeine and instead try to drink chamomile tea.
5. Bath- I use L'occitane almond lemon shower oil and candelas for great relaxing treatment.
6. sleep well. I need at least seven hours to sleep otherwise I can not function one hundred percent.
7. Treat you self and dress nice. perhaps wear something pink to feel optimism or white to feel peaceful

smile more.

Cheers and Peace!

6 תגובות:

Unknown אמר/ה...

I keep thinking about you and hope you are safe, our press here in Norway favors Palestine, but I´m sure there are more sides to this conflict.


TALI אמר/ה...

Is that so? even the arab government support us and annouce that Hamas is responsible for the death of 46 childrens. Thank you very much for thinking about me but don't worry we have the best Army (555) Xo

Selvaggia Capizzi אמר/ה...

I am really sorry Tali about what is happening, I just think that war is always the worst idea.
I hope that it will stop once for all-
I also hope that you and your family are ok. No kid should experience war.........
Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

Toks אמר/ה...

You must be going through a terrible time, I feel so sorry for you and am thinking of you. I never understand why there is so much violence in the world. I hope this war will come to an end very soon, You are very brave trying to stay positive and relaxed. Much love, Amy. xoxoxo

Unknown אמר/ה...

Yes, many journalists who works in our papers are leaning towards the left (not all but many). But thanks for your input, had the feeling that Hamas is responsible. Helps to have someone closer to the situation.

אנונימי אמר/ה...

Maybe Israel should forget about going to war in their civilised way and start simply sending rockets into Gaza just like Hamas is doing to Israel?? Then what would Norway et al say? We all agree, war SUCKS. But when a large proportion of your population is living under rocket fire with the capacity to kill thousands of people (only saved by Israel's very expensive defence system!) WHAT CHOICE DO YOU HAVE but to try to take out the terrorists' ability to continue bombarding your citizens with rocket fire? The world is horrendously anti-Semitic and has a total double standard when it comes to Israel. I hope Israel tells the rest of the world where to stick it and DEFENDS ITSELF FIRMLY.

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