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29 במאי 2014
breezy light summer dress, omme Des Garcons vintage ,Eugenia Kim sunhat, Iris&ink Cammi top ,Lazy Oaf Backpack in Eye Print ,saint Laurent metal sandals
  1. Civilian Bicycle Co
  2. comme Des Garcons vintage
  3. Eugenia Kim sunhat
  4. Iris&ink Cammi top
  5. Lazy Oaf Backpack in Eye Print
  6. saint Laurent metal sandals
  7. Ray ban sunnies
  8. Zara shorts

 It doesn't mean that we have to limit our self to any bicycle boring sporty dress-code or be a fashion victim Just because we wish to transport in the big city with bicycle. If you notice from previous posts, that I lately find some interests in bicycle clothing and accessories, and every time I getting something new I'm imagning my bike as unseprated part from my total look. It's even more challenging to find something to wear during the hot summer since you don't want to sweat in your long Jeans . Thus and as referring to the total look above, you can wear light and breezy comfy summer dress on top of comfy shorts ,and don't forget all the essential accessories that comes along with your ride :)

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15 תגובות:

Aimee Alfonso אמר/ה...

I LOVE this entire look! What is the exact bike and where can I find it?

Lizzy אמר/ה...

love this selection!

Alecia Mariana אמר/ה...

Love all these picks, the shorts are perfect!


Classy, loose-fitted items for a wonderful bike ride. The aviator shades <3 I can´t go long without mine.


Jeanne אמר/ה...

Amazing selection! I love the dress and the shorts!

Toks אמר/ה...

Great selection, but I left my bike in Munich hahaha.

Federica Di Nardo אמר/ה...

Loving the dress <3

The Cutielicious

Tali N אמר/ה...

Thank you dear glad you like it

Tali N אמר/ה...

Thank you very Alecia:)

Tali N אמר/ה...

Thanks Lizzy very glad you like my picks

Tali N אמר/ה...

Glad you like it dear! have a great weeknd

Tali N אמר/ה...

really? so get one new. kisses

Tali N אמר/ה...

Thank you Jeanne You have a good taste;)

Tali N אמר/ה...

yeah the dress is amazing!!! thanks dear

Rebekka Geldbart אמר/ה...

Adore the sunnies and the Zara shorts! I tried them on in store, but sadly they didn't work for me :( Great picks!

xo, Bekka
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