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9 באפר׳ 2014

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Location- Rothschild stphotographer-Alexander Yashish

I am thrilled to announce and very excited to have finally launched my new and second website - Street style TLV
It's about time that you could see us, The telavivian , and the way we dress every day in every season of the year. This blog will cover the fashion scenes in the most largest , popular and trendy city in Israel in order to give an idea about us and our style.
Hopefully every week I will search for interesting looks with a photographer. Last week I work with the talent photographer Alexander Yashish , we had so much fun and he was so cool with the Idea that I insist that I am the one who will choice the looks as I declare to aim " I am the director and you are my eyes" . 
Hope you will join this site since I am sure you will enjoy it!

Have agreat day

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ScorttariusStyle אמר/ה...

תתחדשי על האתר!
נראה מאוד מסקרן :)

אנונימי אמר/ה...



Fancy To Go

Congratulations are in place, I am so happy on your behalf :)


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