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6 באפר׳ 2014
sandals, streetstyle,ss14, exclusive, shorts, zarapeople, אופנה, בלוגאופנה,טלינחשון,סתיו2014ת קסטרו
Kokai corduroy blazer/ h&m black print corduroy shorts/Zara shirt and leather sandals

As you can see I can't get enough from this super comfy chic sandals. I feel such a lucky girl that I got them since it's was very challenging to get those pair ,joining the waiting list and hoping to get my size). Apparently for this high quality leather pair, it's worth any Penny .  

In short, enough about those sandals and lets discuss what I wore
On the same day I wore something else as I worked on my new project that includes searching and walking around TLV streets to produce fashion with talent photographer ,which I will get into much more details hopefully on the next posts. Therefore as I came back a little bit sweaty, I felt that the first thing that I wanted to do is to allow air onto my feet my and legs (which are not yet prepare for summer) . I just change my long jeans to shorts and breezy sandals 
Happy spring 2014

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spring2014, shorts, zarapeople, sandals, streetstyle, fashion blog, fashiontelaviv, בלוגאופנה, טלינחשון, אופנה

23 תגובות:

Daniella C אמר/ה...


the chilicool אמר/ה...

Lovely shorts. Your look is soo cool!

Lucky you! Your legs are already!

Jeanne אמר/ה...

Gorgeous casual outfit and amazing sunnies! I love your sandals too!

I instantly took an interest in your shorts, they are totally awesome! :) Now I long for shorts weather.


Toks אמר/ה...

These sandals are so trendy now, and they look so comfy. Lovely look

Tali N אמר/ה...

Thank you Daniella!

Tali N אמר/ה...

Glad you like it Alessia

Tali N אמר/ה...

Really ? you think so? thank you dear for your complement come visit every day

Tali N אמר/ה...

thank you dear. glad you like it!

Tali N אמר/ה...
תגובה זו הוסרה על ידי המחבר.
Tali N אמר/ה...

glad you like them. those are my favourite shorts!

Tali N אמר/ה...

I love them because they beautiful without moticing the trend and yes it's super comfortable that's why I you will see me wearing them on the following posts!

אנונימי אמר/ה...

Love your style!!! A big kiss. Simona

Tali N אמר/ה...

Thank you sweet Marta!

Tali N אמר/ה...

תודה מותק שמחה שאהבת!

Tali N אמר/ה...

Thank you very much Simona! kiss

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