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12 במרץ 2014

I guess that there is a good reason why it been said that red hairs considered as full of personality . It been occurred to me that This Vibrant red hair have a great passion for fashion ,a great sense of style and the ability to make original fashion ideas. If I could chose my BFF to go with hand in hand to fashion show, it would defiantly be Taylor tomasi! It's unbelievable that usually I find her wearing , my favourite clothing or designs, its like we on the same page and could communicate like twin sisters through fashion . There’s no outfit of hers, that isn’t covetable by everyone, and she makes them look even better with her model-like body. with all the respect to TLVFW (and there is a respect) , I find the street-style more interesting from the runway .Therefore and with the spirit of Fashion week ,I Couldn't find something better to share with you than this icon-street-style, that could teach others, no fences, but mostly Telavivian fashionistas, lesson or two in how to dress.  love her style!

cecile, Taylor tomasi, street-style, fashionicon, dress, stylish, fashionblog, טלי נחשון, בלוג אופנה, ginditelavivfashionweek

8 תגובות:

Daniella C אמר/ה...


Red hair is really pretty, I should send this post to my sister. She really wish for hair like this! :=)


lena אמר/ה...

her style is really unique and her face looks beautiful. think it would be pretty interesting to spend a day with her.. :)


Federica Di Nardo אמר/ה...

She has great style!

The Cutielicious

Dana Jo אמר/ה...

OMG.. awesome style!! Love it1

I love her outfits!

Toks אמר/ה...

She definately has a unique style. I agree with you, sometimes the street styles at the fashion weeks are more interesting than what's on the runway.

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