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26 במרץ 2014
zarapeople, streetstyle,ss14,andotherstories, summer14,ootd, lookoftheday, fashionblog, outfit, בלוגאופנה,אופנה, קיץ2014
MNG blazer/showgorlparis girl/zara jeans and sandals/andother stories clutch

Deep inside of me I always been a fan of boyish style I think it's in my veins since I was a very young new-yorker teenager. Perhaps I was inspired from hip hop culture back then in the nineties or because it's was the public school dress code that every one needed to adapt in order to feel belong, otherwise you will consider as an outsider. for me it's was perfect, maybe because I was not too confident or just because I didn't want anyone to notice me , but it didn't help much when the most popular boy mention me or marked me as his favourite. And here several years later ,I am all boyish again with this look. The thing is that I never though that today I will wear total loose ,since I like to combine contrasting items, like baggy pants and heels, casual and elegant etc. However, after I try this combination, I though there is something cool about this super casual and comfortable total look. don't you think so?

Have a great day

15 תגובות:

juice אמר/ה...

love clutch and sandal ;)
the white ocean

keren אמר/ה...

lugi, long time didn't see you with hair up forgot how beautiful you are!
xo k

the chilicool אמר/ה...

Cool babe, jacket and jeans are gorgeous!

Toks אמר/ה...

I love this look with the oversize jacket and boyfriends. I also love the boyish look.

TALI אמר/ה...

Thank you dear! have a great day

TALI אמר/ה...

glad you like it Effe:) have a nice day

TALI אמר/ה...

oh karnina thank you nehederent! xo

TALI אמר/ה...

Thank you dear! XO

TALI אמר/ה...

Thank you very much darling!

TALI אמר/ה...

Thank you stunning Amy! glad you like it

Unknown אמר/ה...

I am a big fan of the boyish look! Fun to play with masculine and feminine pieces. You look wonderful!


Federica Di Nardo אמר/ה...

I love this style.. and the bag looks so cute!

The Cutielicious

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