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26 בפבר׳ 2014
MNG moto Jacket/ Zara blouse/ rag&bone jeans/Ash boots sandals/asos bag /MNG necklace

It's funny that after we turn twenty-five, every-time at our bday, we search for something different ,perhaps for a new wrinke or white hair. 
Obvious thats what I did on monday. I woke up and turn to be kind of sixteen but just add couple of tens years. sooo old!!! On that special day, I greet myself that monday will be good to me and that I will have a wonerful year a head .  
Then, I start the day drinking coffee with Nadav at Rothschild Blvd. A very small and nice coffee place on the boulevard where people can just seat on the bench ,look beautiful and enjoy the fresh air. It was very supersing that it's was not raining on my bday, since it allways rainning on my birthday (Even on the day that I was born ).  Because the weather was excellent , I could wear anything light from blouse to shoes without socks. Then , in order to feel beautiful I treat myself with padicur-manicure and did my hair. MYbday outfit was very classic and effortless look, since I like the relax easy going look and feel very comfortable ,specially on my bday. Also, I don't like to make fuss over my bday and make any special arrangements for my self (unless others want)besides the fact that I know what I usually want for bday and how to start the day. therefore, I knew that I didn't want to order table for lunch and dinner and be spontaneous and go, and lucky us we did have seats and enjoy lunch and the dinner that was a great seafood bar .

Happy birthday to me. hope that this will be a great year for me and my family!

19 בפבר׳ 2014
LFW, skirt-over-pants, lookoftheday, Manrepeller, inspiration, fashion-week, אופנה, בלוגאופנה, שבועאופנה, fashiontelaviv
Zara skirt / Asos bag/ Zara deep v-neck sweater/Miu-Miu shoes/ Zara stars print skinny jeans
9 בפבר׳ 2014
blacklook, adidas, sneakers, platform, street-style, trends, fashionable, fashionblogger, בלוג-אופנה, תל-אביב, השראה
MNG oversized blazer/ Zara cable-knit sweater/ RI Jeans/Adidas sneakers/Marc by Marc Jacobs bag and sunnies

Now that I have this new pair of shoes , I have many new Ideas to create cute outfits. I decide to start with the basic the safe one - The black look with a nude color twist. And if it's not enough ,I think this bold, platform will take the center stage. After all I was told when I finally got this shoes, that I am the only one to wear them, pay attention, in the neighborhood since they are the only store in my country that have this pair in single.  I am Such a lucky girl ,again, in my neighborhood. 

OK, I have to go now.Bye!
5 בפבר׳ 2014
telavivfashion, inspiration, pairing, beltandcoat, fashionblog, בלוגאופנה, אופנה, acnestudio, hermes,
Zara oversizecoat/belt from Florence market/Zara V-neck sweater and legging/ leather lace combo legging/Acne clutch/RI sneaker/hermes bracelet

In case you are already hiding your look under a winter coat, why not bring out the best in your outwear and give it more attention? Besides the Jacket-on-jacket layered look that I show you in previous post, I though it would be cool to show you another fashion idea, how I pair an oversize coat with a belt. This belt that I found in Florence leather market can not go wrong with any wool coat since it's very classy and have a skinny braid design. The key, is to know how to find the best belt and coat pairing and to know how to style it. hope you like my idea.
2 בפבר׳ 2014

Zara leather Jacket/ Cala blazer/quicksilver ripped jeans/Stradivarius T-shirt/ Bocage boots/Jennifer Moore bag/Osnat design bracelet/Miu Miu sunnies