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11 בדצמ׳ 2013
fashion blog ,streetstyle, 2013, fluffy, בלוג אופנה ,אופנה

fashion blog ,streetstyle, 2013, fluffy, בלוג אופנה ,אופנה, bag, topshop
Topshop fluffy sweater/ plisse vintage skirt/boyy bag/ max moretti heels

This fluffy bright sweater reminds this dog I use to have , bichone frise ,but don't worry it's not real fur (otherwise there is no chance I will wear it). I use to love this dog to death,even though it wasn't really mine, but more belong to my father which he was obsessed about aim that on my wedding day I didn't much realise that he was not crying because of me but becasue they have to leave aim home and was actually dying. I didn't even know about his condition, perhaps My family didn't want to upset me before and during my wedding 

Anyway ,I thought it would be cute to style it with vintage plisse skirt ,which I got from second hand store in Amsterdam ,and  I have more ideas how to style it in differnt kind of variations including trousers. So what do you think, how would you style your fluffy?

Have to go now. it's toddler shower time !

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25 תגובות:

Anna אמר/ה...

cool look.adorable sweater!

Eleonora אמר/ה...

Really adorable! I love the pluffy sweater trend :)

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Unknown אמר/ה...

lovely sweater, like this!
take a look at our blog?so we can follow

Very cool post!! Love your blog by the way - may have to return to stalk you more!


Unknown אמר/ה...

You look so chic and just a classic beauty!


Toks אמר/ה...

Cute sweater and nice combination with the skirt.

Unknown אמר/ה...

Christmas is coming, the latest michael kors bag here, good price quality, introduced to everyone

TALI אמר/ה...

Thank you Eleonora

TALI אמר/ה...

Thank you Kelly. I will check it soon

TALI אמר/ה...

I will ! thank you so much dear

TALI אמר/ה...

Thank you so much Kajsa! have a great day

TALI אמר/ה...
התגובה הוסרה על ידי המשתמש שכתב אותה.
TALI אמר/ה...

Thank you beautiful!

lena אמר/ה...

LOVE the sweater!


Jenna Opsahl אמר/ה...

I love that sweater and the length of your skirt. Cool blog!


Scarlett אמר/ה...

The fluffy sweather is a must have this season, I even had a similar to yours in one of my latest posts
Also I´d like to invite you to join my giveaway for a chance to win a $100 Bonus to shop at Jollychic their stock is incredible

Federica Di Nardo אמר/ה...

Nice style :)


TALI אמר/ה...

Thank you beautiful!

TALI אמר/ה...

Thank you Jenna and welcome my dear:)!

TALI אמר/ה...

Thank you I will check it out both thinks ;)

TALI אמר/ה...

Thank you Federica!

Unknown אמר/ה...

כ"כ מעוררת השראה טלו'ש !!!! עשית לי חשק לחצאית מידי וסוודר :)
מתה על הסטייל שלך יקירתי המהממת !!

מלא נשיקות, גל.

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