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Sunday, December 29, 2013
Zara coat/ Mango sweater/ Zara star print jeans/Nine-west boots/asos bag

You probably wondering why is anyone will want to pay for a ripped sweater? well, why is faded ripped jeans became very popular, besides that Nirvana and Janet Jackson had something to do with it ? The only answer that I can think of - perhaps it makes us look very cool and it creates our style more edgy -simple as that! However, you have to be very careful when and where you wearing it, otherwise you will find your self in very wired situation which was hilarious to me. I went for a meeting with person who was supposed to charge me at the end of our meeting, instead he decide not to perhaps because he was feeling sorry for me that I don't have any money to pay for my own clothes ( I notice he was staring at the hols) ."so dear X if you're reading this post ,please inform that I am not that poor, it's just the fashion trend (which I recognized from last year) , so please do charge me next time we meet"

BTW, This is your last chance to win, two days before the Giveaway ended, so hurry up and enter here to win!

Great Sunday


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  1. love the little stars on your jeans! :)

  2. I think that there are many expensive ripped sweater . I like this Mango affordable one!
    have cool day dear

  3. Totally, the ripped elements are edgy. As an avid edgy appreciator, I think you look wonderful.

  4. Love the sweater. Seeing yours has just reminded me of mine hidden away somewhere in the wardrobe.

    1. Thats the fun in following each other to remind each other ;)


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