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3 בנוב׳ 2013

skinny jeans, rag&bone, basic clothes, blue-navy, effortless, fashion, fashion-blog, look, shopping card, Vouge, אופנה, בלוג אופנה
velvet vintage private collection blazer/ zara top / rag&bone Jeans/H&M belt/Acne' studio clutch/ Miu Miu shoes/ hermes' horn necklace

When I need something, there is not too many challenges along the way to stop me from getting it, besides financial .I am talking about the simple things like specific kind of food and basic clothing that are very essential like a uniform.
A uniform like a simple black jeans ,contrary to the leather double zipper one ,That I got previous winter and wore it on specific days. And better be in ankle length which was missing in my wardrobe till now. If you didn't notice the black skinny is every where from Kate moss wearing it like Jean Paul gaultier that refuse to separate from his sailor shirt, to the team Vogue Paris .

There is always something that Have to come in pair like when I'm buying good steak at the supermarket, I couldn't leave it like that with not adding to the shopping card, a good barbecue sauce. The same goes with clothes .It felt more fun to add a nice top to new pair of jeans, like this mariniere top  which I think it's the best match That I could think of and found .   

In general, Ok I got the all black-on-black ,new black idea ,but I am not sure it's my cup of tea, perhaps because last time I wore all black when I was very young, I had a very bad day . I don't know why ,but I have something with clothes that sometime I could find them the main cause to Unhappy result . I could give you some examples, but I will spare you with personal details :) 

B.T.W and in case you didn't notice ,the old velvet blazer have the same brown stitched elbow patches like the shirt, and it's not accidentally when I got it ,since I Usually try to remember what I have in my wardrobe while shopping :) it's a good trick.

Hope you like the combination of Brown, blue navy and black- What do you think? 

Ok, Have to go now

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30 תגובות:

anna אמר/ה...

The rules of don't mix brown and black or with blue navy is needed to be broken just beacuse of you :) love this!

keren אמר/ה...

Hey lugi, love your balzer! neshikot

Unknown אמר/ה...

Nice post!
Love your blog!
Following u hun<3


Unknown אמר/ה...

stunning! wow!


אנונימי אמר/ה...

הי טלי, נהניתי לקרוא את הפוסט ואהבתי גם את הלוק !

daria אמר/ה...

this cute look doesn't need the necklace for my opnion

Endymion אמר/ה...

Love this style, it is so classy and suitable for every occasion!

Arianna, Nymphashion ♡

TALI אמר/ה...

Anna this is so sweet !thank you very much my dear for this warm compliment!!! love

TALI אמר/ה...

Thank you Buby!:)Xoxo

TALI אמר/ה...

Thank you dear! Checking your blog soon

TALI אמר/ה...

תודה אלה מותק!

TALI אמר/ה...

I Think you're right! the necklace is not very necessary now that I toke a nother look at the photos. thanks for your honest reply

TALI אמר/ה...

Thank you my dear!

אנונימי אמר/ה...

Very nice, the colors are pretty together, effortless and chic.

TALI אמר/ה...

Thank you sweetheart!

Toks אמר/ה...

Good colour combo. Like the mixture of navy blue and black. Great look

TALI אמר/ה...

I am really glad you like it my dear thank you! xo

Serena אמר/ה...

Beautifull look!! Beautiful pic :)

Wow this look is so chic!

Rowena @ rolala loves
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Unknown אמר/ה...

I've always loved stripe and brown together so you look gorgeous for my eyes.The styling is greatly done honey hehe :) I also love the cut of your pants since I can't wear them for myself because I feel like I'm too short and chubby but you look absolutely fine!
Style Of OzOz
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TALI אמר/ה...

Thanks Rowena:)!have a great day

TALI אמר/ה...

Thank you dear for your honest reply.it's really depend on your body figure and not according to trends
have a great day

Beba Gottel אמר/ה...

I absolutely love your outfit
would you like to follow each other?

Unknown אמר/ה...

Fantastic winter collection... I loved the fit of this shirt. Fits true to size. shirt feel very awesome. Good quality for the price and the material very smooth. http://www.apparelnbags.com/van-heusen/index.htm

Unknown אמר/ה...

חום ושחור אף פעם לא הסתדרו לי טוב בעין אבל חייבת לציין שעכשיו שיניתי את דעתי! ללא ספק הפכת את האאוטפייט למהמם ומיוחד:)

נשיקות, גל.

Unknown אמר/ה...

The colors combination it's great!,You look so natural and beautiful,photo No 4 is amazing!;))

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