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27 בנוב׳ 2013

Favourite picks for last week of the Fall !

phillip-lim, zip-trimmed sweatshirt, meli-melo, bag ,skirt, shop, fashion-blog
  1. Phillip Lim zip-trimmed sweatshirt
  2. Illesteva blue mirror sunnies
  3. meli melo one by collection bag
  4. Topshop print miniskirt
  5. Nike Vintage sneakers
  6. O.P.I Russian Navy

I Can't hide the fact that I am obsessed with all kinds of cool sweatshirts ,but Now I am definitely can't get my eyes off the zip side ones . There is no way , I am going to skip this trend ,since I am in love with it ,it's add some edge to any look and can never go wrong with mini skirt or shorts.  
As you can see, I like the long sweatshirts with the cross zipper and prefer to style it with something chic like mini or tight pants that will show off your legs. I try one in Zara , but for me personally ,there was something missing. However, I do recommend you to go and try it on. if not Phillip , you will always have Zara :)

wish you all Happy Hanukkah !

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16 תגובות:

Anna אמר/ה...

I like your chices!
Xo Anna

Happy Hanukkah!! Wishing you a great time!


Such a great outfit. Love the sweatshirt :)


Toks אמר/ה...

Nice sweatshirt, good selection.

Tali N אמר/ה...

Thanks Anna thats sweet of you. xoxo

Tali N אמר/ה...

I will very soon :) thank you also for sharing

Tali N אמר/ה...

THank you dear!:) xo

Tali N אמר/ה...

You have a good taste ;)

Tali N אמר/ה...

Thank you dear and welcome

Tali N אמר/ה...

Thank you sweatheart :) xo

Gal Ben-Moyal אמר/ה...

פריטים מדהימים , בחירות מוצלחות ושייקיות! טלו'ש כמובן פוסט מהמם כהרגלך:)

נשיקות, גל.

Michelle Verpuggi אמר/ה...

Funnyyyy! Shall we ollow by fb and bloglovin?

Tali N אמר/ה...

תודה מתוקה שלי. שבת שלום!

Tali N אמר/ה...

I am almost sure that I am following you .

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