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6 בנוב׳ 2013

&other-stories,black&white, street-style, TLVFW,Gindifashionweek, press,Miu-Miu
&other stories top /Ketty skirt/Miu-Miu shoes/ Marc by Marc Jacobs bag

I don't have any special thing to write or mention besides that this skirt had many form fitting-version ,and I think this is the best match so far, and not because the color. The first time I wore it ,it was with an Oversize drop lemon Tee. Apparently the first thing that comes to your head when imagining this combination of colors is "ammm" sounds more interesting and don't get me wrong it's look great. However, sometimes it's not about the color, but the right fabric and the cut or design. Usually I am a mixing fabrics type of girl, like wool or sweater with light fabric like chiffon or silk, but this time without trying to complicate things, I went for the obvious and sometime the obvious is just perfect . So what do you think , would you prefer to match according the shade or the shape?

B.T.W those photos were taking on the way to a nice Italian Restaurant in Tel Aviv, there I ate Ravioli , my favourite Italian food :) 
Have a lovely day my beauties !

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22 תגובות:

Serena Reale אמר/ה...

beautifull look!! I love the contrast about withe and black :)

keren אמר/ה...

love the photo the black and white on the red background

Anna אמר/ה...

both fabric and colors are important when you set a look. I think it's great together and I like the skirt on you

Tali N אמר/ה...

Thank you karnina! :))) that's was my location idea

Tali N אמר/ה...

thank you anna for your honest reply:)

Tali N אמר/ה...

Thank you dear!:) have a great day

Toks אמר/ה...

Great black and white combo. Beautiful.

Wonderful outfit. I actually thought if was a dress - either way, very beautiful. x

אנונימי אמר/ה...

Styled to perfection! Whenever I need to spruce up an old tee, I know what to think of!


Cammila אמר/ה...

This is so very chic! Like some commenters above, it's so perfectly proportioned, I thought it was a dress. Perfect casual sophistication. :)


Tali N אמר/ה...

That's was the idea ;) thank you and have a great day

Tali N אמר/ה...

I am glad that you like it and gave some ideas

Tali N אמר/ה...

Thank you very much Cammila!xo

cleartheway אמר/ה...

Surprising proportions in this look, but I really quite like it!

Kate from Clear the Way

Gal Ben-Moyal אמר/ה...

הלוק הקלאסי ללא ספק נראה פיצוץ עלייך!
פוסט מעורר השראה טלו'ש מהממת שלי :)

אוהבת, גל.

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