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10 בנוב׳ 2013

lacoste shirt/ zara jacket/ river island leather shorts and sandals/ ninewest bag

I always though that this metallic leather shorts could be perfectly pair with this sequins jacket. However, if you know me and also for those who don't, I am not an over elegant big fan. Therefore, in order to break the sequins celebration ,for instance (or the rock style,other ways) I add-on different type of pieces to give a unique edge to each other, and create also fresh and new look.  This is another way to update my wardrobe, without buying new clothes, by trying to keep evolving and letting my clothing show the dynamic rebel in me. 

what do you think of this look idea ? 

B.T.W , those leather shorts are still in stock in my shop


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25 תגובות:

keren אמר/ה...

lugi, you look hot with this leather shorts! what an interesting outfit

Beba Gottel אמר/ה...

I'm in love with your outfit, I hadn't seen something so interesting recently :D

Kajsa Josephine אמר/ה...

Never thought of this combo before, so I need a little time to think ;)


the chilicool אמר/ה...

Beautiful look!!!

Video outfit YOUTUBE

Francesca R אמר/ה...

I think I'll buy the golden shorts, they are so gorgeous!!!

TALI אמר/ה...

I am glad you like then! I think it would look great on you .can't wait to see you with it!

TALI אמר/ה...

thank you Alessia! xo

TALI אמר/ה...

Thank you dear for your honest reply. I will give you some time,please let me know ;)))

TALI אמר/ה...

Thank so much Bebe, I am very happy that my look is inspiring you.xoxo

TALI אמר/ה...

Thank you hone! have a great day Nehederet;)))

ice pandora אמר/ה...

I think this sequin blazer/jacket is so beautiful!
What a lovely look as well c: Xx

Toks אמר/ה...

Love the shorts and jacket.

TALI אמר/ה...

Thank you lovely!:)

TALI אמר/ה...

Thank you my Doll:) have a great day

אנונימי אמר/ה...

Hot look !
The jacket is my fav :X


Unknown אמר/ה...

היי יקירה שלי !!!
הג'קט שלך כ"כ שייקי ומדהים! אהבתי את הסטייל שבחרת בפוסט!
love love love :)

נשיקות, גל.

Fabulous outfit! That's a great jacket!

Rowena @ rolala loves
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TALI אמר/ה...

תודה מותק...נשיקות

TALI אמר/ה...

Thank you Rowena:)

Malinina אמר/ה...

You have a beautiful smile)

TALI אמר/ה...

oh thank you Malinina:)

J. אמר/ה...

I love this look, the jacket is just gorgeous!!

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