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16 באוק׳ 2013

שבוע אופנה חולון, wide trousers, satin, wore,h&m, zara,skinny, jeans

Zara top/h&m trousers and belt/ RI shoes/Asos bag

Instead of squeezing into skinny jeans , I decide that my transition from dresses to trousers will be gradual , specially that I had this knee injury (enough with it, now I feel much better) which make it more challenging to wear tight Jeans. I am not sure why I let this perfect super wide satin trousers to be out of my sight ,this all summer. I have them two years and I only wore it once . The purpose of buying them was for my pregnancy and afterwards (good for recovery period) .perhaps I just forgot about them ,till I was inspire by some European street style , and now those wide very long pants is almost every where ,cleaning the sidewalk . smart to get them in dark shade :)

OK, I have to go now! Xo

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