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13 באוק׳ 2013

slip dress, lace, photo, street, wear,fashion-blog, zara,jacket, little black dress, style,Jennifer garner, magazine
zara lingerie dress

slip dress, lace, photo, street, wear,fashion-blog, zara,jacket, style,Jennifer garner, magazine
slip dress, lace, photo, street, wear,fashion-blog, little black dress, zara,jacket, style,Jennifer garner, magazine

 current Elliot army jacket/ Zara dress/ Iro bag/ Urban outfitter shoes/ Hermes Horn necklace

I think that I'm not the only one who was amazed by the way Jennifer garner was dress in the movie "13 to 30" in the scene when she try to pull her look together, for her first time as a woman. Before I watch the movie ,I saw her scene photo shoot (try to get a taxi) ,In cosmopolitan Magazine 2004, wearing a slip lace dress with trench coat and heels.

 Since then, I became a magazine addicted and always get Ideas from photos, movies and etc.

Sometimes unintentional can bring to brilliant results, when you don't put too much effort and thoughts in the way you dress or look (sometimes) like here in below photos when I visit Paris for our honeymoon ,and perhaps I had a mood for lingerie style :) so I didn't care less how I look, and whether people notice that I wore real lingerie slip skirt (even though I did receive one big compliment from Parisian woman).  

OK, I have to go now. bye!

back then in 2011 Paris

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