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20 באוק׳ 2013

Miu Miu, photo-shot, puffy eyes, fashion blog, montefiore,  breakfast

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If you ask me , I wouldn't recommend you to take photos early in the morning  ,since the light is not that ideal for this purpose ,and I personally couldn't take any photos without my sunnies , because of my puffy eyes (even though I heard it could be adorable) . 
However, If you are a very busy mom and you have  some free time while your child in the kindergarten, you should go for it, but remember- location, location location! 

This is what we usually do on Fridays, we spend some quality time together eating breakfast outside (see instagram) just the two of us and we take photos. Those photos were taking outside of the boutique hotel in montefiore street, which we ususally eat breakfast and feel in France :)

Ok, Have to go now , bye!

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1 תגובות:

Shakoat Hossain אמר/ה...

This is another trick to remove backs under eyes in the morning. I should try to use SUNGLASS to safe my eyes. Thanks and hope will come to know something new.

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