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23 באוק׳ 2013


tummy, weight, dress, drape, wear, replay, shirt, boots, print

Mango dress/Repaly denim shirt/nine-west boots/fossil bag

Sometimes dresses could be an easy solution for those who try to take a pieces of clothing, and pull it off to an interesting look. 

This dress is my life saver, you can't believe how one piece could have it all ,perhaps because it's prints, the cuts ,the design and the match. I have this dress since 2009, while I work for P&G and tried to impress my french CEO (who refused that her employees will attend to work with Jeans and insist to adapt Parisian chic, well she was right) 

I remember that this dress grab some attention and compliments back then ,and also after my pregnancy, which it disquise my little tummy, and flatter my Apple figure. People actually though that I got rid of my belly (Yeah right it just toke me all year) thanks to this wool draped dresses enable to do some miracles like photoshop.  
OK, I have to go now. Bye!

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