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5 באוק׳ 2013

vertigo, slipping, falling, sandals, skirt, wear, pair

cos top/cala skirt/ Abramey necklace/Ash sandals/Zara belt/vintage bag

There is no doubt that slipping and falling are one of my motors skills. It's not like I wore heels or had any specific sidewalk blockage that I can blame it on, Perhaps I had a vertigo moment from turning my head fast (if you insist in more detail you can ask).

This is not an apologies preview or any excuse for why I wore my favourite sandals three times/post in a row. Besides that it's more safety after this knee injury, I really want to enjoy those sandals that complete every look and before my feet will need to be full cover from the cold .

BTW, this very old skirt I usually pair with black high boots and black cashmere cowl- neck sweater and it's actually my first time that  I try it with sandals (I wore it with pointe heels), so what do you think?

have to go now, bye

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