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1 באוק׳ 2013

Fall 2013 wish list !

NEW YORK, PIE, PUMPKIN, FALL, taste, slice,look

When I think about the fall ,I see in my eyes, fresh air, falling leaves,losing hair, changing colors, losing my skin tan, changing wardrobe and out of cash. I think about a slice of NYC city and a Pumpkin pie. I am not exactly sure ,but there is something attractive and magical about the look of pumpkin pie, perhaps it's color ,or the way it's slice looks beautiful and delicious .last time I visit NYC was on October 2008 ,and there I search all over Manhattan just to get my hands on a slice of it (double meaning) even though I am not a cakes type of girl (lucky me) . Finally at the last day of my visit ,and just before Halloween and thanks giving ,I found it. I think it was in a bakery shop but I am sure it taste like more. So now ,every year when October arrives, I flooded with great memories of NYC and pumpkin pie.

With the inspiration of how I describe this fall, here are my favourite picks for this fall 2013.
Ok, I have to go now to see some pie recipes. bye!

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