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30 באוק׳ 2013

christopher kane asymmetric skirt ,chinti and parker sweater ,butter london nail ,  pouch ,michael kors ,jet set check , clutch ,Givenchy trainer

1.christopher kane asymmetric skirt 2.chinti and parker sweater 3. butter london nail 4.slow and steady win the race pouch 5.michael kors jet set check travel clutch 6. Givenchy trainer

I want to take one step further with my excitement over the plaid print that I show previous post (and was every where last year ) to my new love ,the amazing graphic windowpane check print (Grid). to be honestly true I am dreaming about this Christopher Kane asymmetric skirt ever since it arrive to the shop (website) but unfortunately it's over my budget . I do however think perhaps it's still worth the work that was invest in this panel piece of art  . Anyway, it doesn't matter now since this skirt is sold out in my size ,long time ago ,but it's still exist in other sizes and you can be notify if it will be in stock again-IF! 

Ok , I have to go now- Bye!

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1 באוק׳ 2013

Fall 2013 wish list !

NEW YORK, PIE, PUMPKIN, FALL, taste, slice,look

When I think about the fall ,I see in my eyes, fresh air, falling leaves,losing hair, changing colors, losing my skin tan, changing wardrobe and out of cash. I think about a slice of NYC city and a Pumpkin pie. I am not exactly sure ,but there is something attractive and magical about the look of pumpkin pie, perhaps it's color ,or the way it's slice looks beautiful and delicious .last time I visit NYC was on October 2008 ,and there I search all over Manhattan just to get my hands on a slice of it (double meaning) even though I am not a cakes type of girl (lucky me) . Finally at the last day of my visit ,and just before Halloween and thanks giving ,I found it. I think it was in a bakery shop but I am sure it taste like more. So now ,every year when October arrives, I flooded with great memories of NYC and pumpkin pie.

With the inspiration of how I describe this fall, here are my favourite picks for this fall 2013.
Ok, I have to go now to see some pie recipes. bye!

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