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27 בספט׳ 2013

sukkot, holiday, wear, yoga, time, jeans

hippie haute blouse/ zara Jeans/ Ash sandals / Acne' clutch

Last time it's was just a flu, and today I have been feeling very tired that all I wanted to do, is to crash out. This is my first time since Gili birth that I have slept for all day. I am not really sure what was that ,perhaps I am pushing myself too hard that at the beginning it can feel so smart and productive until you're exhausted. wish I could have more time to do yoga and other stuff .

Anyway, Those photos were taking after this long sleep ,and on the way to have dinner with my parents at a restaurant (we all left with no special plans for holiday Eve ).Even though it was Sukkot Eve ,and a dinner at a restaurant , I could not wear something that is not effortless and comfy like Jeans ,when it's a ten minutes walk from our home (you could see my Instagram for the place we ate)

It's funny that Sukkot is a time to appreciate our shelter of our homes and our bodies, and I didn't have  or use that time. Hope that one mission accomplished this year.

Ok I have to go now! Bye

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