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19 בספט׳ 2013

Be an Independent woman and create your own trend

fashion, follow, inspire,good, skirt,  skirt, trend, adapt,statement, Tel Aviv, nachmani, street
Showgirl paris top/ bagir Tee/ River Island skirt/ Ash Sandals/Asos bag

In general, designers and legendary fashion houses lead the way in influencing our perception of fashion and attract us to adapt the "trend" they create into our outfits, even thought it's outrageous.I think it's good and healthy to be inspire but we don't have to follow every trend just to feel fashionable. It's Ok to wear a bra top if you are at your twenties and have a flat tummy, but seriously - a bra on top of shirt??? Unless you are Madonna , I don't see why you can not skip this "trend" and make it more appropriate.Perhaps like this layering look . what do you thing how will you wear this trend if ever?  

And speaking of trends- why can I set my own one? Thus, I decide that it's time to take out from my 2009 storage This amazing balloon skirt I got from River Island,when I visit London for my first time.Then, I wore it with white sleeveless shirt and now I feel wearing it like that.

In short, you can make your own fashion statement, be true and feel confident with what you are wearing.

BTW, those photos were taking between Nachmani street to cafe Noar (my favourite restaurant in Tel Aviv) there is something beautiful in this neighborhood ,perhaps it's the combination of very old buildings and new ones.

Have a great day and happy holiday!


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