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23 בספט׳ 2013

helena rubinstein, magic, concealer, look, feel, cold, dress, sunnies
Zara T-shirt/ Mango skirt/Nike's sneakers/Aldo bag/Miu Miu sunnies

Hello beautiful! How many of you feel that the only thing that you are able to do ,when the virus descide to interrupt your life, is doing nothing? instead of staying home, sitting on the sofa with my tissue friend and feeling sorry about myself- this is what I usually do and you should also try it:

  •  Fresh air! since my poor Gili also got the cold, I learn that fresh air that comes from sea is good for the immune system specially among babies and little kids.  
  • Have fun and enjoy the beautiful things you see and do.
  • surround your self with people you love, but make sure not to kiss them and sneeze on them.
  • concealer to hide your puffy and tired eyes.I use the magic concealer by Helena Robinstein. If it doesn't help, wear your most beautiful sunnies
  • Drink allot and eat well. avoid junk food! eat chicken soup
  • Yoga, Yoga and Yoga! believe or not Yoga can encourage the sinuses to open if the sinuses are completely blocked.
  • smile and laugh.
  • Wear something chic and comfortable to pump on your mood.

You probably wondering what it's have to do with fashion? well think again. feel good=look good!


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