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19 בספט׳ 2013

Be an Independent woman and create your own trend

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4 בספט׳ 2013

Last looks from previous blog

Welcome to my new blog ! following my unzippedfashionblog goodbye announcement, I like to introduce you to my new blog. why new blog and new name ?
Its time for a refresh, for a change and new beginning. I thought to rebrand my blog since my gut instinct was telling me that something wasn’t sitting right when it came to the old blog, perhaps it's was the name which did not describe me best. You could read more about my zodiac sign in 'what is TPW' I could not describe it (and myself) better.

So ,for those who missed out my last summer looks 2013, here is 

I really hope you like my new blog, design and hope you will enjoy it! 

Wish you all Shana tova!