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ארכיון הבלוג

25 בדצמ׳ 2013

see by chloe, new year's eve, what to wear ,sequins ,glamorous,OOTD, style, thepisceswoman fashion blog, shop, boots, trends, אופנה, בלוג אופנה
1. See by Chloe fold over tall boots
2. River Island sweatshirt 3. RI necklace
4. River island skirt 5. Ciate silver nail color
6. Tory bruch flower crustal mini bag
7. River Island Khaki camo print wool oversized coat. 

So do you have any plans on new year's Eve? or you decided to be spontaneous like me , hoping that someone else will make the plains for you or just intend to crush a party or a restaurant ,hoping there will be a place for you and it's not too crowded. I really do missed those old days with friends private parties that I was invited to. I lost contact with many of those great and fun people long time ago, perhaps they got very old (kind of expression) got married and have many children. when you have a child , it's very challenging to arrange something even thought it just a night out. It's feel like you are getting into a travelling agent position to make things work for you.

The main issue and dilemma that most of us share ,and probably motivated us to take off our Pajamas and go celebrate is - What to wear in this frizzing days and stay "warm glamorous" (nice expression for winter nights) ? I know that the first thing that pops into your head ,when thinking of celebration, champing and firework ,is the little black dress ,sequins and high heels.  Doesn't necessarily have to be cold and uncomfortable, if you follow those kind tips:
- In case you insist to wear skirt or dress ,wear on top of it a nice sweatshirt with a statement sparkling necklace.
- Still you want to warm up your legs - wear tall boots or over the knee and extra warm it with wool cozy socks.
- You want to be notice and sparkled with sequins but not look to much like a fire work, a touch of it like a skirt ,nail color, top or an accessory would do it just fine.

And the most important thing to forget to cover up with beautiful warm coat, since you never know if you will end up hanging out in the city streets.

Xo , happy Christmas to my christian friends

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16 בדצמ׳ 2013

Parka by Barbour Quilted coat ,Sacai lace trim skirt, favouritepick, editorpicks, besttrend,Acne' sweather ,O.P.I - nail polish fashion, Asos boots, Topshop black lace trim socks ,Marc by Marc jacobs pom-pom cozy knit hat ,Yoga ,Reed krakoff mini leather bag ,Quaker white oats
  1. Parka by Barbour Quilted coat
  2. Sacai lace trim skirt 
  3. Acne' sweather
  4. O.P.I - nail polish fashion
  5. Asos boots
  6. Topshop black lace trim socks
  7. Marc by Marc jacobs pom-pom cozy knit hat
  8. Yoga
  9. Reed krakoff mini leather bag
  10. Quaker white oats

While the freezing temperatures and short days are making some folk grumpy, there are some creatures like me that try to look at the brigh side , even though the sky is dark and cloudy. instead of been so dramatic and panic about the weather that we didn't experience and prepare for twenty years (in Jerusalem) , try to enjoy the good things :  

-  Face treatment and beauty care:  I love that cold air gives my skin a natural face lift. no kidding but I actually feel much more better, yonger and prettier in the winter.  

The outfit

- Coats makes a strong statement and gives Love: The most important in my winter wardrobe is the coat. Since I wear it everyday , it becomes part of me . That's why I am little bit fussy when it comes to chose a great coat . Also what I love about coats that it's hugs me and shields me like a blanket, every place I go.

- Skirts are worth : it doesn't matter if you wear your chiffon skirt from the summer, as long as you cuddle with your cozy warm big coat or cashmere oversize long sweater. Therefore buying skirts during the winter could be consider as good investment for the long term relationship.

- cashmere sweater: it's always fun to wear a good cashmere sweater and there is no trend for any kind of sweater. most of them are basic and endless . I have some of good quality sweaters more than ten years, and I still wear it. 

To summarise the clothing part, it's much more easier to look fashionable and interesting with layers and cosy sweaters.

 hats: I love hats , there is no better fashion statement than hats and I think it is more fun to wear it in the winter, when you don't have to be worry about sweating. 

- bags: black Friday and all the big sales are happening in the winter. besides and for my opinion the winter bags' collection usually are much more interesting.

-socks: socks are fun and there are variety of cool socks that can be added to your cut booties or summer sandals and pump up your style.

In short: many accessories that you can not wear in summer like socks and hats , can pump up your look and give it a fashion statement. 

health and body care
- Instead of spending allot of energy on bills, during the winter I like to get my body warm with cardio exercises. my favourite field is Yoga and Pilate's. it's more fun to exercise yoga in winter since you need to get use to exercise in room temperature and it's very challenging  and less fun in the summer.

- Hot drinks, soups and oats: speaking of getting your body warm, my favourite foods are those hot drinks and foods that you can't even think about in the summer. I love hot drinks, soups and eating oats with bananna and honey for breakfast. It's delicious and healty.

Have a great and warm day.

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11 בדצמ׳ 2013
fashion blog ,streetstyle, 2013, fluffy, בלוג אופנה ,אופנה

fashion blog ,streetstyle, 2013, fluffy, בלוג אופנה ,אופנה, bag, topshop
Topshop fluffy sweater/ plisse vintage skirt/boyy bag/ max moretti heels

This fluffy bright sweater reminds this dog I use to have , bichone frise ,but don't worry it's not real fur (otherwise there is no chance I will wear it). I use to love this dog to death,even though it wasn't really mine, but more belong to my father which he was obsessed about aim that on my wedding day I didn't much realise that he was not crying because of me but becasue they have to leave aim home and was actually dying. I didn't even know about his condition, perhaps My family didn't want to upset me before and during my wedding 

Anyway ,I thought it would be cute to style it with vintage plisse skirt ,which I got from second hand store in Amsterdam ,and  I have more ideas how to style it in differnt kind of variations including trousers. So what do you think, how would you style your fluffy?

Have to go now. it's toddler shower time !

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1 בדצמ׳ 2013

'Runaways'. Giclée Art Print by Spiros Halaris 50x70 cm

giveaway, painting, illustration, cover, runway, art, fashionblog, inspiration, אופנה, בלוג אופנה, tali lugashi nachshon

'On The Go'. Giclée Art Print by Bo Lundberg Artist: Bo Lundberg Size: 50x70 cm

I know It's been a while since I treat you with a gift ,but I have a good excuse. I was looking for the right time and perhaps something original. Hanuka-Christmas is a perfect timing and perhaps the time to make some changes, redecorate and add some painting to your sweet loving home.  

It's amazing how you can order easily today "clothing" for your apartment as well , like this cool website Arte limited, which is also a small and unique Gallery in Italy that holds paintings of tallent artists with affordable prices. who knows one day it will be worth much more . I pick for you those amazing modern photos ( I order one for my apartment as well) that I think that every fashion lover need at least one in her/his crib.

giveaway will be open for entries until 30/12/13, and I’ll use random.org to announce the winners on my blog on 8/1. 

You just have to follow 3 steps in order to win this amazing piece of art:

Leave a comment on this post telling me which of the painting do you like and is your favourite painting in your home (it could be also Ikea photo) .

Don't forget to leave your name and email that I will get back to you and

In addition like TPW blog  click here : FB, or Instagram or bloglovin or pinterest  or twitter ( the more is better)    
You can win 300$ worth paintings just like that, so I am really excited for you.

Thats all! Good luck!
Happy holiday

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27 בנוב׳ 2013

Favourite picks for last week of the Fall !

phillip-lim, zip-trimmed sweatshirt, meli-melo, bag ,skirt, shop, fashion-blog
  1. Phillip Lim zip-trimmed sweatshirt
  2. Illesteva blue mirror sunnies
  3. meli melo one by collection bag
  4. Topshop print miniskirt
  5. Nike Vintage sneakers
  6. O.P.I Russian Navy

I Can't hide the fact that I am obsessed with all kinds of cool sweatshirts ,but Now I am definitely can't get my eyes off the zip side ones . There is no way , I am going to skip this trend ,since I am in love with it ,it's add some edge to any look and can never go wrong with mini skirt or shorts.  
As you can see, I like the long sweatshirts with the cross zipper and prefer to style it with something chic like mini or tight pants that will show off your legs. I try one in Zara , but for me personally ,there was something missing. However, I do recommend you to go and try it on. if not Phillip , you will always have Zara :)

wish you all Happy Hanukkah !

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24 בנוב׳ 2013
jeans, zara, h&m, heels, shoes, plaid, print, shirt
River Island Jeans/ H&M shirt/ MNG plaid shirt/zara heels/accessorize bag/Ray-ban sunnies
30 באוק׳ 2013

christopher kane asymmetric skirt ,chinti and parker sweater ,butter london nail ,  pouch ,michael kors ,jet set check , clutch ,Givenchy trainer

1.christopher kane asymmetric skirt 2.chinti and parker sweater 3. butter london nail 4.slow and steady win the race pouch 5.michael kors jet set check travel clutch 6. Givenchy trainer

I want to take one step further with my excitement over the plaid print that I show previous post (and was every where last year ) to my new love ,the amazing graphic windowpane check print (Grid). to be honestly true I am dreaming about this Christopher Kane asymmetric skirt ever since it arrive to the shop (website) but unfortunately it's over my budget . I do however think perhaps it's still worth the work that was invest in this panel piece of art  . Anyway, it doesn't matter now since this skirt is sold out in my size ,long time ago ,but it's still exist in other sizes and you can be notify if it will be in stock again-IF! 

Ok , I have to go now- Bye!

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1 באוק׳ 2013

Fall 2013 wish list !

NEW YORK, PIE, PUMPKIN, FALL, taste, slice,look

When I think about the fall ,I see in my eyes, fresh air, falling leaves,losing hair, changing colors, losing my skin tan, changing wardrobe and out of cash. I think about a slice of NYC city and a Pumpkin pie. I am not exactly sure ,but there is something attractive and magical about the look of pumpkin pie, perhaps it's color ,or the way it's slice looks beautiful and delicious .last time I visit NYC was on October 2008 ,and there I search all over Manhattan just to get my hands on a slice of it (double meaning) even though I am not a cakes type of girl (lucky me) . Finally at the last day of my visit ,and just before Halloween and thanks giving ,I found it. I think it was in a bakery shop but I am sure it taste like more. So now ,every year when October arrives, I flooded with great memories of NYC and pumpkin pie.

With the inspiration of how I describe this fall, here are my favourite picks for this fall 2013.
Ok, I have to go now to see some pie recipes. bye!

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19 בספט׳ 2013

Be an Independent woman and create your own trend

fashion, follow, inspire,good, skirt,  skirt, trend, adapt,statement, Tel Aviv, nachmani, street
4 בספט׳ 2013

Last looks from previous blog

Welcome to my new blog ! following my unzippedfashionblog goodbye announcement, I like to introduce you to my new blog. why new blog and new name ?
Its time for a refresh, for a change and new beginning. I thought to rebrand my blog since my gut instinct was telling me that something wasn’t sitting right when it came to the old blog, perhaps it's was the name which did not describe me best. You could read more about my zodiac sign in 'what is TPW' I could not describe it (and myself) better.

So ,for those who missed out my last summer looks 2013, here is 

I really hope you like my new blog, design and hope you will enjoy it! 

Wish you all Shana tova!